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Dong Prayer Wall
Welcome to the worldwide initiative to establish 24-hour prayer for the Dong people. As you can see, we are only getting started, but that is the perfect time to jump in and join the most important part of reaching any people for the Lord: prayer.

Prayer requests are sent out weekly, both posted online in the Prayer Journal and also via e-mail. These are meant as prayer helps, but if you have other requests or want to pray through Scripture for the Dong, that is perfectly fine.

If you are interested in joining the prayer wall, we encourage you to dedicate a set amount of time per week to the Lord on behalf of the Dong people. The amount of time is your choice. One hour is common, but certainly not a requirement. Then, contact and tell us when, in the schedule below, you would like to pray so we can build toward 24 hours of prayer. And if you are wondering why the time slots are so general, we want to keep this chart simple for now. As more people join, we will then add more specific time slots.

    Sun Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat
Morning         YH DLH    
Mid Day                
Night   CLS            


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