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Dong Media
From free-to-use materials provided by DongTeam contributors to hard-to-find print materials, the DongTeam Media Page seeks to collect and distribute media to further encourage prayer for the Dong people of China.

We want to provide you with all the prayer helps we can, whether it be a Dong-specific prayer guide or general pamphlets to further strengthen and train our prayer efforts.

Kingdom of Priests is a prayer guide written specifically for the Dong people. This guide looks at seven moments in the biblical Exodus event, evaluates the Dong situation, and puts those two together to pray for a great spiritual exodus of the Dong people.

A desktop background for your computer can be a simple yet effective reminder to pray for the Dong people. Try them out; tell us what you think.

If you right click (for Windows users) or Ctr click (for Mac users), your computer will likely have an option to save your choice as a desktop wallpaper, but you may need to click on the thumbnail and view the full-sized picture first. These are sized for the most prevalent screen sizes, and as you will notice we have added the shorter and wider version for wide screen computers, but if you would like a different size, please feel free to contact DongTeam and let us know.

photographs for backgrounds have been generously provided by Photography

These videos were not produced by, but are a great look into Dong culture, particularly the music of the Dong people.


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