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English Language Materials

These are the best materials available. If you have more books, web sites, or any resources that might be helpful in this list or better information on obtaining them, please send your information through the Contact page.

The Kam People of China: Turning Nineteen?
  • D. Norman Geary, Ruth B. Geary, Ou Chaoquan, Long Yaohong, Jiang Daren, Wang Jiying. The Kam People of China: Turning Nineteen?. RoutledgeCurzon, London (New York): 2003.
  • Find it at
Life in a Kam Village in Southwest China
The Dong Language
  • Long Yaohong & Zheng Guoqiao, translated from Chinese by D. Norman Geary. The Dong Language in Guizhou Province, China. Summer Institute of Linguistics and University of Texas at Arlington, Dallas: 1998.
  • Find it at
  • The SIL Homepage
The Dong People of China
  • Rossi, Gail. The Dong People of China: a Hidden Civilization. Singapore: Hagley & Hoyle, 1990.
  • Check to see if Amazon has any in stock.
  • This book is out of print, but copies are still available through the DongTeam Order Page.
Catalogue of the World's Languages
Kam-Chinese-Thai-English Dictionary
  • Somsonge Burusphat, Sumittra Suraratdecha, Yang Quan. Kam-Chinese-Thai-English Dictionary. Ekphimthai Ltd, Bangkok: 2000.
  • Some places online sell this book, but few are English language sites. If a copy is needed, use the DongTeam Contact Page to send in a request, and we could most likely help you hunt down a copy.
Matthias Gerner
Papers on Dong Linguistics (Abstracts)


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