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Prayer for the Dong people is our focus. is designed to both encourage people to pray for the Dong and to strengthen those prayer efforts as we continue in prayer. If you do not know what to pray for on a day to day basis, feel free to follow along with the Prayer Journal, which has prayer updates and insights into Dong culture. Also feel free to join the Prayer Wall, an effort to build 24-hour prayer for the Dong.

Want some materials for a small prayer group or a little reminder for yourself? Visit the Dong Media page to find Dong-related media made available for general use: photographs, computer desktop backgrounds, digital prayer guides, and anything else we can find and would be of value for those of you praying out there.

What is DongTeam all about? The Introduction page contains a clear presentation of the hope toward which we pray and the manner in which we will conduct ourselves in this ministry.

Who are the Dong people and where do they live? The Geography page has maps of the Dong areas, and the General Info page provides the only continually updated profile of the Dong people on the web. It is intended to provide summarized information on a wide variety of topics to help you understand the overall situation in which the Dong people live. For more in depth study into the Dong culture and language, the Research page keeps track of English language resources available on the Dong people.


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